Key Factors for Project Success

Success of the project will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Maintenance of a rich multi-floral vegetation and availability of water for sustainable apiculture;
  2. Strengthened company-out-growers relationship in apiculture in the project area and partners throughout the value chain;
  3. Excellence in the skills of apiculture through hiring of requisite experts, training and supervision of company employees, and support to out-growers;
  4. Excellence is cultivation of crops and forestry products and extension services in other aspects of agribusiness within the Company’s objectives.
  5. The large tracts of forested land suitable for all modes of inclusive agribusiness.
  6. Supportive governmental policies and increasing public awareness that private business and rural communities can work together in an inclusive model that gives qualitative improvements in rural people’s livelihood, away from subsistence farming to commercialization.


Pwani, Tanzania
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